that badass army chick


the video virus thing

so everybody’s got their panties in a knot over this “video virus” thing (the grey video with the boy that’s upset).  I got the video, and watched it.  It’s an embedded video from YouTube. I’m 99.999999999% sure it’s just spam. 

People are saying it’s a root kit or whatever, which doesn’t make sense to me because it’s a video…? You didn’t give it your username or password, you didn’t download anything, or give it any means of administrator access??  How can that be a root kit?  Everyone else is like “IT’S A VIRUS!!!” with no proof or explanation or anything…

I’m not that good with computers, can somebody that’s good with computers please tell me (and the rest of tumblr) what’s up?

How you can get a virus from watching an embedded video is beyond me… I don’t get it …??? :|

help !